In these uncertain times, for your added protection and peace of mind, you may wish to consider purchasing travel insurance.

Here is a Forbes Magazine quick quote interface of highly rated travel insurance providers:

click here for a travel insurance rate quote

We have never used any of these companies personally, and do not specifically recommend any of them over the others, as each one provides different protection limits for similar services. We provide this list simply as a convenience to you. Please do your own due diligence in picking the right travel insurance company for you.  If you choose to purchase travel protection, this is a transaction outside of our website, and will be strictly between you and the insurance provider.  MOUNTAINAIRE does not financially benefit from you purchasing travel insurance.


When staying at MOUNTAINAIRE, we require a $500* security deposit hold on a credit card 1 day prior of arrival to cover any cases of accidental damage or loss of property.  This is not a charge on your card, but rather a hold, and this hold will drop off after 7 days.  If loss is discovered immediately after departure, the value of the damage will be changed against this hold.  

* For groups over 6, we may require an additional security deposit as the discretion on MOUNTAINAIRE.  You will be notified of this at the time of booking acceptance or during any requested change to guest count.  This additional amount will be added as a hold on your card, just like the initial $500 deposit.