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While Mountainaire is designed to whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is not without varied and marvelous excursions and activities. Wether you want to soak up the natural beauty all around, explore history, art and architecture, get your thrill on, or take in the simple pleasures of charming historic towns, you are uniquely positioned to do so.

Just beyond your doorstep the natural beauty abounds with experiences. Spend the afternoon tubing on the river, which is best done in late Spring early summer when the water is high, or try your luck at fishing. The fishing season runs year-round. Trout can be caught on nice, warm winter days. Springtime is the best time for fly fishing the North River because of the aquatic insect hatches and good water levels. Summertime is okay in the headwaters but the water can get low during the late summer. Fall is also a great time for fly fishing the North River.

Hike the beautiful Ice Mountain. The mountain contains a set of stone chimneys called “Raven Rocks” and a large talis. At the base of the talis is an area where small caves hold ice most of the year. One of the popular ways to celebrate the Fourth of July in old days was to bring an ice cream freezer and fixing and dig ice from the mountain to make ice cream for a picnic. To this day there are flowers growing at the base of the talis that are found only in areas in New York state and northward. The mountain is a unique ecosystem for a middle Atlantic state. The rock chimneys are named after the large ravens that make their home in the area. Today one may also see eagles in the area. Private tours are available. To schedule a tour, please call (304) 496-7359.

NEW FOR 2022, we are please to introduce ON-SITE spa services. Get a stress relieving massage on the deck, on the porch, or inside the cabin if weather is a factor. To schedule a session, please click here and include your booking information.

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